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Locksmith Need in Salisbury?

Locksmith Tips & advice Here are some locksmith tips and advice you may find useful General If you are reading this page, then you obviously take security seriously. Add our telephone number to your mobile phone now under 'L' for Locksmith as you never know when you will need it! 07737 915984. You might not…
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Dedicated Locksmith in Salisbury – Have You Got One?

Find a dedicated locksmith in Salisbury before you need one – It just makes sense! Do you have a trusted locksmith security company in Salisbury as a part of your team?  If not, you should, and here’s why. Think about employee turnover, lost keys, missing keys, new hires, door and lock repairs to offices and…
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Key Control Tips By Locksmith Salisbury

Key Control Guidelines Use keys that truly cannot be copied.  Keys marked DO NOT DUPLICATE are a deterrent, but not usually enough for peace of mind. Our High-security keys are highly specific. Restricted. Meaning they cannot be found anywhere commonplace (such as Timpsons, high street locksmiths etc), so employees cannot run all over town looking for…
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Lock Snapping – Its Not a Myth But Locksmith Salisbury Have The Solution

Its Not a Myth But Locksmith Salisbury Have The Solution Lock Snapping We at Locksmith Salisbury believe that lock snapping is now the preferred entry method of your average Burgalar. In fact, some Police regions have reported burglaries resulting from lock snapping have already reached nearly 30%. And its accelerating!! The general public in Salisbury…
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